Top 5 Harnesses for Shih Tzus

Top 5 Harnesses for Shih Tzus

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As a toy breed, Shih Tzus are affectionate, outgoing, and they enjoy spending time with their owners on walks. But unlike their larger friends, such as Labs and boxers, a Shih Tzu’s neck, throat, and chest are rather delicate and can become injuredif they get rambunctious while wearing a collar alone. Here are some harnesses that take your Shih Tzu’s anatomy, coat type, and lifestyle into consideration.

Best Harness for Comfort: Puppia Soft Vest Harness

soft vest dog harness for shih tzu

This type of dog harness, made of soft and breathable air-mesh material, is the best option for puppies and first-time harness wearers because it is one of the most comfortable harnesses available. The padded vest is easy to put on, and the velcro and clip closure keep the harness securely in place so your Shih Tzu can’t wiggle her way out of it.


Shih Tzu owner : “Love this vest for our little guy. He’s half Shih Tzu and half toy poodle, just under 12 lbs. and has been wearing a medium for several months. It fits pretty perfectly, though may be getting a little snug. I think it is very comfortable for him, soft, and doesn’t tug at his neck like a regular collar. Like the two rings for the leash. Highly recommend!”

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Best Harness for Car Safety: Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

dog car harness

This chest plate harness has a seat belt attachment that can keep your pet safe on walks and in the car. Safely restrained, you can be certain your pet won’t be thrown if you make any sudden stops while driving.

Shih Tzu owner : “When I told my husband I was buying a ‘seatbelt’ for the dog he looked at [me] like I had lost my mind. ‘Why are you spending extra money? Just let him ride on your lap.’ Well, like any good pet parent I live in terror of getting into an accident and something bad happening to the dog. Fast forward to a 3 hour road trip with the pup safely buckled in the backseat, sitting quietly and not bothering anybody. Cue husband, ‘That may be the best investment you’ve ever made.’ We have a 15 lbs Shih Tzu and the small vest fits him perfectly.”

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Best No-Choke Harness: EcoBark Control Dog Harness

dog control harness

This lightweight dog harness is made of recycled materials and features a no-choke design that can prevent injury to your dog’s neck, which the Shih Tzu breed is especially susceptible to due to the compact structure of their face and throat.

Shih Tzu owner : “My dog Scooter is a male Shih Tzu that weighs 9 pounds. He was a tad bit in between sizes so I went with a medium, it was perfect! He loves his harness and doesn’t want me to take it off him. The design is awesome and it truly is a ‘no pull’ harness so when walking my dog there is no choking or yanking on his neck. I also love the fact that it is recycled materials that are used to create the harness. Awesome product.”

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Best Harness for Night Visibility: RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness


If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog—or you enjoy walking early in the morning or late at night when visibility isn’t the best—consider a safety harness that features bright colors and light reflective material.

In addition to its green color and glow in the dark stitching, this harness also includes a handle to easily bring your pet under control, like when he gets too excited meeting another dog. The two ring locations on the back and chest make walking your Shih Tzu in this harness very easy.

Shih Tzu owner : “Very nice and sturdy. Ordered a small and glad I did. 15 Lb Shih Tzu who normally wears a Medium in jackets, sweaters etc… There is stretch inside the band and probably gives an extra inch or so.”

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Best Leather Harness: CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Harness


Since Shih Tzu coats are made up of long, silky, fine hair, prolonged wear of a harness can cause tangling or matting of the fur. This step-in harness is constructed of soft rolled leather that prevents your dog’s hair from tangling.

Shih Tzu owner : “This thin, rolled leather harness and leash are perfect for my Shih Tzu. I ordered it in size small, which fit her perfectly. She walked comfortably in it, and I trust it will reduce tangling of her hair, which we keep long. For comparison, she wears a medium in coats and has a 22-inch chest girth. The leash is the perfect length to give her freedom while I’m able to maintain control should a random chipmunk get her attention.”

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