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Shih Tzu Rescues in Los Angeles for 2023

by Tea Cup shih Tzu

Where to Find Shih Tzus in Los Angeles

Adopting from a rescue is always the best option if you’re looking for a new pup. Los Angeles is home to some of the best Shih Tzu rescue organizations in the country, and if you’d like to add a furry friend to your family, there are many great options! Here’s an overview of the top Shih Tzu rescues in Los Angeles.

Top 3 Shih Tzu Rescues in Los Angeles, California

#1. Furever Friends Rescue & Adoption.

Furever Friends Rescue & Adoption is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for neglected and abused animals. They specialize in small-breed dogs like Shih Tzu, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Malteses.

Forever Friends has rescued over 3,000 dogs since 2006 and works hard to ensure that each dog finds their perfect forever home. All potential adopters must fill out an application form and undergo an interview before being considered as potential adopters.


#2. LA Love & Leashes Dog Rescue.

LA Love & Leashes Dog Rescue was founded by two animal advocates who wanted to make a difference in the lives of homeless pups. The organization rescues abandoned or neglected dogs from high-kill shelters throughout Southern California and helps them find loving homes.

They have helped hundreds of Shih Tzus find forever homes since they opened their doors in 2014. All prospective adopters must complete an application form and go through a home visit before taking their new furry companion home with them.


#3. Shih Tzu & Furbaby Rescue.

Shih Tzu & Furbaby Rescue is one of the oldest rescue organizations in Los Angeles County, having been established over 25 years ago. They are dedicated solely to helping homeless Shih Tzus find loving homes and help other small breeds when possible.

The organization has saved thousands of lives since its inception and works hard to ensure that each dog finds its perfect match! All potential adopters must complete an application form and meet with their adoption coordinator before approval.


Conclusion: Adopting from a rescue is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a pet owner! With so many amazing options for Shih Tzu rescues in Los Angeles, you’re sure to find your perfect pup!

Be sure to research beforehand to know exactly what kind of commitment you’re making when you bring your new pup home—but don’t worry; these great organizations will help guide you every step! Good luck with your search!


Shih Tzu Rescues in Los Angeles, California


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