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California’s Top 7 Shih Tzu Shelters and Rescues (2023)

by Tea Cup shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Rescues Near Me

California’s Top 7 Shih Tzu Shelters and Rescues (2023)

If you live in California, have you considered adopting a Shih Tzu? If that’s the case, you’ve stumbled across the right article. Below is information on Shih Tzu rescues in California, where you may search for an adoptable pet.

Getting a Shih Tzu pup is a great and inexpensive way to add one to your family. Consequently, you should check out the following Shih Tzu rescues in California. Taking in a homeless Shih Tzu will become much easier for you.

Shih Tzu Rescues Near Me

# 1. Rescue Me

Location: Elsworth Street, Moreno Valley, California
Website: https://shihtzu.rescueme.org/california
Phone Number: (951) 413-3790

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group with a good reputation for treating animals properly is important. Since this is the case, you should go no further than Rescue Me for a new place for your Shih Tzu in California.

Animals have always been dear to Rescue Me’s founder, Jeff Gold. Raised on a farm, he developed a deep appreciation for and skill in caring for various animals.

As an adult, Jeff’s devotion to animal welfare was solidified when he worked at a dog shelter. His desire to do more than donate time and money to dog rescue grew as he spent more of both.

Jeff intended to devote his life to helping homeless dogs by rescuing them, teaching others about them, and finding them permanent homes. As a result, the idea for Rescue Me was developed. Rescue Me is a group that ensures that all dogs have a good home and life.

Dogs from low-funding rescues, high-kill shelters, the streets, surrenders, and abusive households all find their way into Jeff and his team’s care. When brought in, the rescued animals are treated with the utmost compassion and care.

Jeff and his colleagues are patient because they know it will take time for a dog to heal after experiencing trauma, but it is possible.

Shih Tzu California Rescue

# 2. Cobb Mountain Shih Tzu

Location: Northern California. Cobb, CA, 95426
Website: https://www.cobbmountainshihtzus.com/
Phone: (707) 279-4199

Cobb Mountain Shih Tzu stands out among the numerous available breeders, particularly in the Northern California area.

Cobb Mountain Shih Tzu breeders are the mother and daughter pair Lindsey and Alicyn, who deeply love the Shih Tzu breed.

They’ve been breeding toy breeds for quite some time, so you know the puppy you get from them will be in good condition.

No need to worry about your Shih Tzu puppy’s ancestry because all its pups are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

After gaining some expertise with the breed of Pomeranians, they decided to try their hand at Shih Tzus. Before deciding on the parents of the next litter of Shih Tzu puppies, they spent a lot of time researching the ancestry.

In addition to Alicyn’s extensive 4H expertise, breeder Lindsey has a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Shih Tzu Rescue Near Me

# 3. Lhasa Happy Homes

Address: 1158 26th St. #190 Santa Monica, CA 90403
Phone: (310) 745-4272
Website: https://lhasahappyhomes.org/

California has a growing problem with homeless dogs, so anybody seeking a new puppy should contact a rescue organization.

Working with Lhasa Happy Homes is a great option if you’re looking for a new furry buddy. Since its founding in April 2001, Isaha Happy Homes has successfully matched countless pups with forever homes.

They are uniquely positioned to find homes for Shih Tzus since they are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue and foster care organization.

Although the Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, and Maltese are the organization’s primary focus, they also take in other small mixed breeds that need a good home.

Puppies are raised in homes where they are given lots of love and attention and treated like family members. To place each dog in the most suitable home, they conduct temperament tests and observe them interacting with other dogs, humans, and grownups.

Puppies rescued have the opportunity to have a positive impression on their new family and receive the care they need from vets, rehabilitation services if required, rewards for good behavior, and a warm lap to curl up on at the end of the day.

Shih Tzu Rescue in California

# 4. Shih Tzu Garden

Location: Northern Bay Area, California. Gilroy, CA, 95020.
Website: https://shihtzugarden.com/
Phone: (408) 761-1235

There is no better place than Shih Tzu Garden if you’re in the North Bay area of California.

Even though Shih Tzu Garden is a relatively small home breeder, all of their puppies are AKC-approved, so you know you’re getting excellence.

The breeder acknowledges that several varieties of Shih Tzu, such as the Imperial Shih Tzu and the Chinese Imperial, are not yet officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, but this does not stop her from asserting that she is familiar with these variations.

When it comes to Shih Tzus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they breed for a variety of sizes, from which you may pick, but they have no interest in breeding for the extremely few forms of this attractive dog breed.

Shih Tzu Rescue California

# 5. Cute Odyssey Inc

Location: South California
Website: http://www.cuteodyssey.org/
Phone Number: (858) 568-3732

Most of the dogs rescued by Cuteodyssey Rescue are Shih Tzus. They may be found in the region of California. They are a charitable organization with two main objectives. One of their primary missions is to help underfunded rescue groups and shelters save pets.

All animals should be treated with kindness and given a second shot at happiness, according to Cuteodyssey.

The second objective of the rescue is to find permanent, loving homes for the pets they save. Because of these factors, adoptive families must meet certain requirements before they may be considered for placement.

All breeds of dogs are welcome at Cute Odyssey, as do pets whose owners cannot keep them because of circumstances such as sickness or relocation. Vaccinations, dental treatment, and, if necessary, spay/neuter surgery are provided for all pets.

To boost their self-assurance, the dogs at the rescue get frequent exercise, play with staff and volunteers, and have opportunities to meet and interact with other dog buddies. To find a permanent home, adoptable animals often spend time in foster care.

Shih Tzu Rescue Los Angeles

# 6. Beauty’s Shih Tzu

Location: Manteca, California. Northern California
Website: http://www.beautysshihtzu.com/
Phone: (209) 647-2916

There is a fantastic mother-and-daughter breeding combo in Northern California, and they go by the name Beauty’s Shih Tzu. However, if you’re in a metropolis like Los Angeles, don’t fret; many of their customers hail from other regions.

They are so committed to the Shih Tzu breed that they have never bred any other type of dog.

Their focus is on producing small, healthy Shih Tzus with good personalities. Pups learn basic manners, how to use the bathroom without soiling themselves, and how to look presentable for visitors. Your new puppy will be treated like a part of the family here.

They’re also keen on developing a line of ever-adorable Shih Tzus. They are known for raising stunning dogs that will stop your heart. All the puppies they breed are guaranteed to be large in stature and to have thick, luxurious coats.

Shih Tzus for Adoption

# 7. Victorian Dynasty Shih Tzu

Location: Visalia, California
Website: https://victoriandynastyshihtzu.com/
Phone: (509) 460-9290

Look no further than Victorian Dynasty Shih Tzus if you’re in Central California. This is one of the best-known dog breeders in California, and the breeder has been in business for almost two decades.

They are dedicated to producing high-quality Imperial, Chinese Imperial, and Teacup Shih Tzus, as their name indicates.

Since they grow their puppies in the house, they give each one the same loving care they give the rest of the family. This ensures the puppy is socialized to act appropriately in any situation.

Shih Tzus to Adopt


We know it’s difficult to discover reputable Shih Tzu breeders in California, but we hope this page gives you a good place to start your search.

The AKC Marketplace is a great location to find a dog of any kind, including a Shih Tzu, and it may also help you in your quest for a breeder in California.

Best of luck in your quest, and remember to stick to reputable breeders if you buy a puppy.

Shih Tzu for Adoption

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