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Top 3 Shih Tzu Rescues and Shelters in Arizona 2024

by Scott Allen
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Arizona’s Top 3 Shih Tzu Rescues and Shelters 2024

Shih Tzu Rescue Arizona

If you want to know everything about the best Shih Tzu rescues in Arizona, this post is for you. Here are all the details about organizations dedicated to saving these beautiful, compact dog breeds so you can adopt one.

The special thing about the Shih Tzu breed of dogs is that they are small in size and very mischievous and playful. It’s almost impossible for these small dogs not to win your heart.

These breeds were bred exclusively for Chinese royalty, which is why they are currently considered the canine monarchy.

Best Shih Tzu rescues near me in Arizona.

With the idea of offering an opportunity to abandoned dogs for one reason or another, dog rescues arise in Arizona and throughout the country. Usually, these organizations are non-profit and are operated by volunteers.

In these rescue centers, they work to give love, shelter, health, and appropriate quality of life to each quadruped they receive. In addition, they are in charge of searching and finding a home full of love for each Shih Tzu they protect.

If you want to adopt one of these beautiful animals, you can go to one of the following alternatives, rated as the best Shih Tzu rescues in Arizona.

1. Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

This is a 501(c)(3) non-profit center where, in addition to rescuing, they rehabilitate and rehome Shih Tzus and other small-sized dogs.

Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue specialize in rescuing purebreds and canines of all ages. They have also rescued large dogs since they had no home to go to.

The volunteers of this rescue center are in charge of locating each dog in a home that meets all the requirements to cover the needs of canines in every way.

They strive to find homes made up of loving people who accept the puppies as part of the family.

Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue information
Location: 15061 North 28th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Website: AZ Shih Tzu Rescue
Email: ASTSBR@gmail.com

2. Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

This private rescue organization is dedicated to taking the best care of each animal that comes to their establishment. Its main driving force is the volunteer staff and the donations they receive from individuals.

In addition to rescuing and caring for dogs of all breeds, they also take in cats. So if you want to adopt a Shih Tzu or a beautiful cat, you can go to the facilities of Friends for Life Animal Rescue.

This center has an effective rescue, castration, sterilization, education, and adoption programs.

Friends for Life Animal Rescue information
Location: 952 W. Melody Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85233
Website: AZ Friends for Life Animal Rescue
Email: info@azfriends.org
Phone: 480-497-8296

3. Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Shih Tzu Rescue Phoenix

It is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue shelter dedicated to saving the lives of small breed dogs like Shih Tzus.

The volunteers work tirelessly to provide the care and love that canines need. In addition, they help find an ideal and permanent home for the animals they protect.

Likewise, they take charge of temporary breeding and provide the appropriate veterinary service for each dog.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is part of the Arizona Nonprofit Alliance and was selected as a 2020 Top Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue information
Location: 1102 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Website: Arizona Small Dog Rescue
Email: info@AZsmalldog.org
Phone: (602) 944-2440

Aspects to consider if you adopt a Shih Tzu in Arizona

Shih Tzus are a breed of dog that easily adapts to any space. You can take them to live in a small apartment or a large house; they will be happy regardless of the size of your home.

On the other hand, they enjoy playing in gardens and open spaces but should not spend the night outside the house.

As for daily exercise, a short walk will suffice for the Shih Tzu. These little canines prefer to play with their toys, walk around the house, or keep you company while resting at your feet or in your lap.

Another aspect that you must consider is that these dogs are highly sensitive to heat, so they must remain in a cool environment during high temperatures.

Additionally, Shih Tzus love to jump from high places like chairs or beds, which could harm them. Considering that they are a breed of small dogs, a high jump can cause serious injury. In this case, it is best to prevent them from jumping from high places and keep them safe.

7 Recommendations for Selecting a Shih Tzu Rescue in Arizona

Shih Tzu Rescue Tucson

When looking for a Shih Tzu rescue, we advise you to follow these recommendations so that the adoption process is carried out in the best way:

  1. The best Shih Tzu rescues in Arizona are 501(c)(3) qualified and have experience in the area.
  2. Each adoption process must include a request made previously and promptly.
  3. The rescue center staff must visit the house of the adoptive candidates.
  4. Validates that the animal to be adopted has received the corresponding veterinary care. This includes the vaccinations they give, a general health check, and the completion of the heartworm test.
  5. The rescue center must have a spay and neuter program.
  6. The animal’s medical records must be shared with the adopters.
  7. You must receive from the rescue center a contract detailing the responsibilities of all parties involved.

Shih Tzu Rescue Scottsdale

Taking all the information we have provided into consideration; you will be able to find the best Arizona Shih Tzu rescue near you and adopt a little canine to share your love and affection.

Remember that in addition to contributing to saving a dog’s life, you will also be gaining a faithful friend with whom you can share fun and unforgettable moments.
Visit the nearest rescue and adoption center and find the ideal friend.

Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

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