Shih Tzu Monikers

Shih Tzu Monikers


Nicknames. We have them for our dogs, and breeds are known to have them, as well. To wit: the Weimaraner is known as the “Grey Ghost,” the Airedale Terrier is the “King of Terriers,” the Great Dane is the “Apollo of Dogs,” and so many more (if your breed has one, please do share it with …

Zen and the Art of (Un)Consciousness
It is the end of August and one of the sure signs that summer is on the wane is the arrival of the annual water test at our Regional Club. I have played many roles at Water Tests over the years: entrant, steward, test committee but by far my favorite is my regular gig as the unconscious victim in WRDX.
As I stroke out into the lake, the morning sun glints calmly off the silky smooth surface. I do the breaststroke to avoid making a lot of splash or disturbance and a peacefulness descends as the beach fades behind me. My perspective is changed, gone is the bustle of test day: setting up, old friends to greet, new dogs to meet. Gone is the adrenaline charge of the 3-man rescue: boat jumping, stewards calling, anxious crowd willing the dog on. I can feel the warm fingers of the sun across my face when I lay back. The cool lake water cradles my head, extinguishing the last vestiges of sound from the test site, leaving me alone with the slowly circling wisps of cloud filling my gaze.
Then, ever so faint, I hear a huff, huff, the slow steady breath of deep, full lungs then the swoosh, swoosh of strong legs powering towards me. The dog and I are alone. Me, a stranger. He, answering the call on instincts as old as the waters we share. I can feel the currents shift as he approaches. I am nosed ever so gently and as he takes my hand his lips wrap securely but teeth barely touch. He balances my added drag with the need to turn for shore, and we become a single unit for a time. I am totally under his control, eyes closed, muscles relaxed, I trust him to follow the path of generations of Newfoundlands before him, bringing the human to shore.
His instincts do not disappoint, all too soon we are grounded. Handler, judges, stewards surround us and the noise and activity rush back in with the cold breeze that hits me as I climb from the water. But I smile as I walk back up the beach because just for a brief moment I was able to give up control, and trust in the heart of a giant dog and once again, I have been saved.

Would love to hear from Kuvasz owners who use their dogs as LGDs on their stock, herds, flocks, etc.

At National Purebred dog Day, we are big fans of Livestock Guardian Dogs, a “green” solution to protecting livestock as well as the predators tempted to munch on sheep,cattle and other stock. LGDs force wolves, bears, bobcats, cougars and coyotes to rely on their natural prey-based diet which el…

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