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Shih Tzu Double Colors – Uncover Their Charm

by Scott Lipe
Shih Tzu Double Colors

Shih Tzus, known for their adorable looks and friendly nature, come in a fascinating array of coat colors and patterns. One of the most captivating features of this breed is their double-colored coats, which add to their unique charm and beauty. From dual-colored coats to intricate patterns, the variations in Shih Tzu coat coloring are a testament to the breed’s rich genetic heritage.

Shih Tzus can display a wide range of color combinations, thanks to their genetic makeup and the influence of their environment. While solid-colored Shih Tzus are less common, most dogs in this breed sport multiple colors and markings. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes various color combinations and markings, contributing to the diversity and appeal of Shih Tzu coats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shih Tzus have double-colored coats, which enhance their charm.
  • Most Shih Tzus display multiple colors and markings.
  • The American Kennel Club recognizes various color combinations and markings in Shih Tzus.
  • Shih Tzu coat colors are influenced by genetics and the environment.
  • The double color patterns in Shih Tzus create unique and visually appealing coat variations.

Solids in Shih Tzu Colors

While Shih Tzus are known for their stunning double-colored coats, solid-colored Shih Tzus are also a sight to behold. These less common variations showcase the beauty of a single, solid color without any additional markings or patterns. Let’s explore some of the solid-colored Shih Tzu options:

White Shih Tzu

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A white Shih Tzu exudes elegance and purity. Their pristine coat showcases their regal appearance and is a favorite among many Shih Tzu enthusiasts.

Black Shih Tzu

The sleek and shiny coat of a black Shih Tzu is truly captivating. The contrast between their dark coat and bright eyes gives them a striking presence.

Red Shih Tzu

With its rich and vibrant hue, a red Shih Tzu commands attention wherever it goes. Their warm-colored coats exude energy and charisma.

Silver Shih Tzu

A silver Shih Tzu showcases a beautiful combination of gray tones, creating a mesmerizing shimmer. Their unique coat color sets them apart from the rest.

Gold Shih Tzu

Gold Shih Tzus radiate a luxurious and royal aura. Their lustrous golden coat is a symbol of beauty and sophistication.

Liver Shih Tzu

The rich brown shade of a liver Shih Tzu’s coat adds a touch of warmth and elegance. Their deep-colored coat is truly captivating.

Blue Shih Tzu

A blue Shih Tzu has a coat that showcases a bluish hue, reminiscent of a soft sky. Their unique and charming color makes them stand out.

Brindle Shih Tzu

A brindle Shih Tzu boasts a coat pattern with multiple colors in a striped formation. Their striking and dynamic patterns create a one-of-a-kind look.

These solid-colored Shih Tzu variations offer a different kind of allure, with each shade bringing its own charm to these beloved dogs. Their single-colored coats shine beautifully, showcasing their unique personalities. Whether you prefer a white, black, red, silver, gold, liver, blue, or brindle Shih Tzu, their solid color is sure to captivate your heart.

Double Color Combinations in Shih Tzu

silver and white Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu breeds are known for their unique and eye-catching coat patterns. One of the most fascinating features of Shih Tzu coats is the double color combinations, where two different colors beautifully merge, creating stunning patterns and markings. These double-colored Shih Tzu dogs are a true delight for any dog lover.

Let’s take a look at some of the common double color combinations seen in Shih Tzu breeds:

Color Combinations Image
Silver and White Shih Tzu
Black and White Shih Tzu

Gold and White Shih Tzu gold and white Shih Tzu
Blue and White Shih Tzu

Brindle and White Shih Tzu brindle and white Shih Tzu
Liver and White Shih Tzu liver and white Shih Tzu
Red and White Shih Tzu red and white Shih Tzu

As you can see, each double color combination creates a unique and visually appealing coat. Whether it’s the contrasting silver and white, the classic black and white, the regal gold and white, the striking blue and white, the captivating brindle and white, the warm liver and white, or the vibrant red and white, these double-colored Shih Tzu dogs stand out with their exquisite color patterns.

The combination of two different colors in a Shih Tzu’s coat adds depth and character, making them even more adorable and charming. It’s no wonder that double-colored Shih Tzu breeds are highly sought after by dog enthusiasts around the world.

Tri-Color Combinations in Shih Tzu

Tri-color Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are known for their stunning coat colors and patterns. While double color combinations are common, tri-color combinations also make for a visually striking appearance in these adorable dogs. With three different colors present in their coats, tri-color Shih Tzus are a true marvel to behold.

The most recognized tri-color combination by the American Kennel Club (AKC) is black, gold, and white. This combination creates a beautiful contrast and adds depth to the Shih Tzu’s coat. But it doesn’t stop there. There are other captivating tri-color combinations found in Shih Tzus, including black gold and white, black gold and silver, and silver gold and white.

Here’s an example:

An Example of a Tri-Color Shih Tzu:

Color Combination Description
Black, Gold, and White The classic and most recognized tri-color combination; black coat with gold and white markings.
Black Gold and White Unique combination featuring black, gold, and white colors in various patterns.
Black Gold and Silver A striking mix of black, gold, and silver hues that create a regal appearance.
Silver Gold and White An elegant combination of silver, gold, and white that gives the Shih Tzu a sophisticated look.

As with all Shih Tzu coats, the tri-color combinations can vary in their patterns and markings, making each dog truly unique. Whether you prefer the classic black, gold, and white combination or the allure of black gold and silver, tri-color Shih Tzus never fail to capture hearts with their mesmerizing coats.

Next, we’ll explore some special coat colors that add even more variety to the world of Shih Tzu coats.

Special Coat Colors in Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu with special coat colors

Shih Tzu coats can undergo color changes as they age, ranging from subtle to drastic transformations. It’s fascinating to witness how their coats evolve over time, adding to the allure of this beloved breed. Let’s explore some of the special coat colors and patterns that Shih Tzus can sport.

Liver or Brown-Toned Coats

One unique coat color in Shih Tzus is liver, which refers to a rich brown tone. Some Shih Tzus display a stunning liver coat color, giving them a distinguished and regal appearance.

Blue Coats with a Blue Hue

Another distinctive color variation is the blue coat, which has a beautiful bluish hue. Shih Tzus with blue coats exude elegance and sophistication, captivating everyone with their unique coloring.

Isabella or Lavender Coats

Shih Tzus can also have Isabella or lavender coats, which are pale brown in color. This delicate and enchanting shade adds a touch of gracefulness to their appearance, making them truly stand out.

Brindle Pattern with Multi-Colored Stripes

An intriguing pattern seen in Shih Tzus is the brindle pattern, where multiple colors appear as stripes on the base coat. This creates a fascinating visual effect, showcasing the breed’s diversity and individuality.


As you can see, these special coat colors and patterns contribute to the variety and charm of Shih Tzus. Whether it’s a liver or blue coat, an Isabella or lavender hue, or a brindle pattern, each Shih Tzu’s unique coloring adds to their overall appeal.

Color Changes in Shih Tzu Coats

Shih Tzu puppy undergoing coat color change

Shih Tzu coats exhibit fascinating color changes throughout their lives, starting from when they are puppies. These transformations can range from subtle shifts to dramatic variations, adding to the allure of this breed.

From birth, Shih Tzu puppies may have one color, but as they mature, their coat can develop a different shade altogether. This color change phenomenon occurs in response to genetic factors and can create unique and beautiful coat patterns.

In addition to the overall coat color, the nose and eye color of a Shih Tzu can also undergo changes. Puppies may initially have lighter or darker pigmentation in these areas, and as they grow, the color can transition to match their final coat color.

Furthermore, some Shih Tzu dogs may develop color patches in their coat over time. These patches can appear in different areas of their body, creating an attractive mosaic effect.

The color-changing coat phenomenon is a natural occurrence in the Shih Tzu breed, making each dog wonderfully distinctive. Observing the evolving colors and patterns of their coat can be an exciting journey for Shih Tzu owners.

To showcase the enchanting color changes in Shih Tzu coats, here is a table providing examples of color variations in different stages of a Shih Tzu’s life:

Age Initial Coat Color Final Coat Color
Puppy Golden Cream
Young Adult Black and White Black, White, and Gray
Adult Red Red and White

Witnessing the color changes in Shih Tzu coats adds to the joy and wonder of owning this delightful breed.

Common Shih Tzu Color Patterns and Markings

Shih Tzu color patterns and markings

Shih Tzu breeds showcase a variety of patterns and markings in their coats, adding to their unique charm. Let’s explore some of the common color patterns and markings found in Shih Tzus:

  • Blaze Pattern: This pattern features a vertical white stripe running down the center of the face, giving the appearance of a blaze.
  • Saddle Pattern: Shih Tzus with a saddle pattern have darker coloration on their backs, resembling a saddle.
  • Shawl or Collar Pattern: This pattern showcases a darker coloration around the neck area, resembling a shawl or collar.
  • Flare Pattern: Shih Tzus with a flare pattern have lighter areas on their ears, giving the appearance of flares.
  • Parti Pattern: Parti-patterned Shih Tzus have a white base coat with patches of another color, creating a unique and eye-catching look.
  • Tuxedo Pattern: Shih Tzus with a tuxedo pattern have a white base coat with a darker coloration on their chest, resembling a tuxedo.
  • Mask Pattern: This pattern refers to a darker coloration around the eyes and muzzle, giving the appearance of a mask.
  • Abstract Pattern: Shih Tzus with an abstract pattern have irregular patches or spots of different colors, creating a playful and artistic look.
  • Eye Stripes: Some Shih Tzus may have darker coloration around their eyes, resembling stripes.
  • Dobies or Tan Points: Dobies or tan points refer to darker coloration on the eyebrows, cheeks, legs, and tail of a Shih Tzu.
  • Ticking Pattern: This pattern appears as small flecks or dots of color scattered throughout the coat, giving it a slightly speckled appearance.

The presence of these color patterns and markings adds to the overall beauty and individuality of Shih Tzu coats.


Shih Tzu coats display an incredible variety of colors and patterns, making them truly eye-catching and unique. From solids to double color combinations and tri-color coats, the range of Shih Tzu coat coloring is mesmerizing. These beautiful coat variations are a result of the interplay between genetics and environmental factors.

Over time, Shih Tzu coats can undergo color changes, further adding to their appeal. Puppies may be born with one color and develop a different shade as they mature. The noses, eyes, and even the presence of color patches on their coats can change as well. It’s a testament to the dynamic nature of their color genetics.

The charm of double-colored Shih Tzu lies in their striking coat patterns. Whether it’s a combination of silver and white, black and white, gold and white, or any other dual coloring, each Shih Tzu carries its own unique and captivating look. These double color combinations contribute to the enchanting allure of this beloved breed.

In conclusion, the Shih Tzu breed offers a delightful array of coat colors, patterns, and markings. The diversity and charm of their double-colored coats, along with the variety in their coat coloring, make Shih Tzus a breed like no other. Their coat genetics and color variations truly make them stand out in the canine world.


Q: What colors can Shih Tzus come in?

A: Shih Tzus can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, tan, red, blue, yellow, silver, and gray.

Q: Do Shih Tzu dogs have multiple colors in their coat?

A: Yes, most Shih Tzu dogs have multiple colors and markings in their coat.

Q: Are there any solid-colored Shih Tzus?

A: Yes, solid-colored Shih Tzus are less common but can come in white, black, red, silver, gold, liver, blue, and brindle.

Q: What are some common double color combinations in Shih Tzus?

A: Common double-colored combinations in Shih Tzus include silver and white, black and white, gold and white, blue and white, brindle and white, liver and white, and red and white.

Q: Can Shih Tzus have tri-color combinations in their coat?

A: Yes, tri-color combinations are also seen in Shih Tzus, with the most common combination being black, gold, and white.

Q: Are there any special coat colors in Shih Tzus?

A: Yes, some unique coat colors in Shih Tzus include liver or brown-toned coats, blue coats with a blue hue, Isabella or lavender coats which are pale brown in color, and brindle patterns with multiple colors appearing as stripes on the base coat.

Q: Do Shih Tzu coats change color over time?

A: Yes, Shih Tzu coats can change colors throughout their lives, with puppies often born with one color and developing a different shade as they mature. Their noses, eyes, and coat patterns may also change color.

Q: What are some common color patterns and markings in Shih Tzus?

A: Common color patterns and markings in Shih Tzus include blaze, saddle, shawl or collar, flare, parti, tuxedo, mask, abstract, eye stripes, dobies or tan points, and ticking patterns.

Q: How do the colors and patterns in Shih Tzu coats add to their charm?

A: The wide range of colors and patterns in Shih Tzu coats, including solids, double color combinations, and tri-color combinations, add uniqueness and variety to the appearance of the breed, enhancing their charm and appeal.

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