Practically 9 pounds of matted hair eliminated from Shih Tzu in Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WTKR) – A Virginia animal shelter got rid of pounds of matted fur from a Shih Tzu that looked more like a mop than an actual animal.

The newest citizen at Hope for Life Rescue in Virginia Beach is Master Roshi, who is thought to be a 17-year-old Shih Tzu mix who was surrendered.

Creator and Director of Expect Life, Paulina Cushman, said a lady dropped off the pet in a box however declined to provide any info.

Cushman said the canine was so weak he wasn’t able to walk or move.

“That didn’t take place overnight, and it didn’t happen in a short couple of months. It’s probably been well over a year or 2 for him to get that bad,” she informed WTKR.

Master Roshi was immediately taken to the groomers, where it took about 3 hours to navigate through nearly 9 pounds of matted hair.

“We weren’t even sure he had eyes, he was so bad,” Cushman stated.

When Master Roshi was groomed and examined, they found he is blind, deaf and has trouble strolling. He later had a vet consultation to examine his liver, kidney and other organs.

Cushman said she simply wishes they could have gotten to him sooner.

“I don’t comprehend why individuals don’t cry out for aid rather of letting the disregard go this far. Any person would want to take and assist a pet dog rather than waiting up until it gets this far.”

After his examination is ended up and his bloodwork is returned, the rescue can figure out if he will be readily available for adoption.

In any case, hopefully, his discomfort lags him.

“The minute they walk through this door at Wish for Life, everything changes,” Cushman stated.

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