Owner Brings In Three Shih Tzus To Be Put Down – Vet Gives Them Makeovers Instead

Owner Brings In Three Shih Tzus To Be Put Down – Vet Gives Them Makeovers Instead

While owning an animal can be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, it likewise needs a great deal of duty.

Before you embrace a cat or a pet dog, you should ask yourself concerns like do you have the methods to take care of an animal? Do you reside in a location that permits animals? Are you going to want and able to put in the effort to assist your family pets through any physical or psychological issues that they develop?

If you addressed no to any of these concerns, adopting a pet is probably not such an excellent idea for you. It’s constantly unfortunate for the animal when they wind up being embraced by an owner who is unable to totally care for them, and this is precisely the scenario that three 11-year-old Shih Tzus named Angel, Katie, and Candy discovered themselves in.

When their owner brought them to the Spokane Humane Society in Washington, she was wishing to have them euthanized. All 3 canines remained in rough shape, as they were covered in thick, twisted mats of fur. They likewise had nails that were so long that they curled over themselves, and each canine was battling oral concerns.

They owner informed shelter workers that she wanted the pets to be put down due to the fact that they had begun to bite, but the workers did not desire to give up on the canines just. Seeing possible in the animals, they convinced the owner to turn over custody of the dogs to the shelter. Once she had actually done this, they went to work offering the pet dogs the transformations that they frantically required!

The shelter staff members instantly bonded with the pet dogs, who they nicknamed the “3 little women.” They collaborated to shave the pets in a process that took 3 hours and a lot of effort.

Finally, the 3 little ladies were devoid of their fur!

By the time they were done, the shelter staff members had removed a combined 13 pounds of fur off the 3 dogs, providing them a new lease on life!

Once they were complimentary from their fur prisons, the special characters each of the pet dogs began to emerge.

“They are doing really well. They are a little stunned, however they are super friendly, incredibly outbound and fairly happy,” said Pia Hallenberg, development director for the company.

Katie is the curious one who likes to be kissed.

Then there’s Angel, who enjoys to cuddle with everybody.

Lastly, Sweet likes to have shelter volunteers pet her constantly!

While the Shih Tzus still need medical treatments for their numerous concerns, the Spokane Humane Society has actually currently raised $3,200 for them through their Facebook charity event and an additional $700 through contributions made in individual and on their site.

As quickly as they are completed with their treatment, the 3 little girls will be installed for adoption. We hope that they find the caring permanently homes that they deserve!

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