Need to Know Information About the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

Coming from Tibet, the Shih-Tzu type was called among the little holy pet dogs. The most popular function of the type is its long, streaming coat that has a double layer. The coat is really hair comparable to that of people, not fur like other mammals. Due to the fact that the longer, external hair is caught in the thick undercoat, Shih-Tzu owners do not need to be worried about terrific quantities of hair to be tidied up. In fact, the Shih-Tzu is among the few types that is thought about hypoallergenic, suggesting that it triggers couple of allergies in allergic reaction victims.

This type is real a tough little pet, in spite of its lovely and fragile look. Shih-Tzu can be bold and even a bit conceited due to its breeding as a buddy to royalty. The type is referred to as an excellent guard dog that likes to bark, though the Shih-Tzu is normally a peaceful home family pet. In addition, the canines of this type are normally excellent with other family pets and will be great with children who are not too rough and take care around the pet.



The Shih-Tzu performs itself with self-respect and can appear big-headed to some. The pet normally reacts well to client and mild training. Coping with a Shih-Tzu needs the dedication of an adult, mostly since the pet dogs of this type will do finest with more subtle way of life, not the prank of kids. The Shih-Tzu does refrain from doing well running complimentary and must not be chained exterior. This is most absolutely a house/apartment canine implied to be a buddy for strolls and jobs around the house.

The Shih-Tzu does tend to bark a lot, which can make the pet an excellent guard dog. However extreme barking need to not be motivated. A constant and patient training system need to ultimately cut barking events to a comfy level. Some see the Shih-Tzu as requiring to be ruined, however this does not need to hold true. With company however mild training, the Shih-Tzu can be an exceptional family pet.

Size and Color

A grown Shih-Tzu will stand about 10 or 11 inches at the withers and weigh from 9 pounds to 16 pounds. The Shih-Tzu is really not consisted of in the Toy group of pets by a lot of companies. It is thought about a Non-working pet. Tiny Shih-Tzu are not acknowledged as an unique kind of the type and are thought about to be unhealthy.

The majority of color scheme are thought about appropriate for the Shih-Tzu. An effort to produce mainly gold and white Shih-Tzu in previous years has actually caused less black and silver pet dogs. They are in some cases specifically valued because of their rarity.

Feeding and Grooming Requirements

Numerous pure-blooded canine owners have actually begun to feed their canines just fresh meats, veggies and some fruits, keeping away from business pet foods completely. Others have actually selected to feed just the top quality industrial foods, preventing lower-priced foods that tend to have high grain material, a typical food triggering allergic reactions.

The majority of the issues for the Shih-Tzu owner are gotten in touch with the long hair coat and the requirement to keep it groomed. Disregarding the coat can result in many issues, beyond a neglected look. The pet dog might establish skin issues and infections without correct care and attention. Numerous professionals suggest brushing and other attention to the coat daily.


Workout Needs

Shih-Tzu will succeed with a minimum of workout, though a periodic walk on the leash can assist keep the pet trim and delighted. Shih-Tzu succeed in apartment or condo living because of their fairly little size. Nevertheless, this type is naturally active, hence requiring chance and support to work out outdoors.

The Shih-Tzu diet plan need to be thoroughly kept an eye on for material and quantity. This type ought to not be overfed since they tend to put on weight quickly and can end up being obese. The Shih-Tzu can be conscious heat, so care ought to be required to offer a cool environment and shade when exterior.