How To Deal With Your Shih Tzu’s Separation Anxiety

How To Deal With Your Shih Tzu’s Separation Anxiety

By now, you may already be aware of the fact that your Shih Tzu dog loves company and he hates (yes, we used that term because he dislikes it that much) being home alone for a long period of time. For sure, he whimpers, barks and tries to run after you when you are stepping out of the house. When you come back, you will see your house in full mess—poop and pee everywhere and with scratches on the furniture. You may also see him hiding in small spaces and he will not eat any food that you will put in his bowl for quite a while.

For sure, you will be heartbroken because of your dog’s behavior ( and not just because of the state of your home). So, how do you deal with your shih tzu’s separation anxiety? Here are some tips:

  • Have more playtime with your pet

An exercise does good things not just for the physical health but for the emotional and mental health of your dog as well. The more exercise he gets, the lesser stress and anxiety they would surely feel. In addition to that, you dog will not have the strength to mess around with your home (when you leave) when you increase your playtime with them. So, what are you waiting for? The solution lies in you! Get his ball ready and play a game of fetch with him. Or better yet, pull out his leash and walk with him. In that way, you will get your much-needed exercise too.

  • Do not make a big deal of your departure

Many dog owners have this bad habit of making their departure a big deal for their pets. They will hug him, pet him and look straight into their eyes before they grab their keys and leave home. When you are about to leave the house, do not touch, make eye contact or talk to your dog. Just simply go about your usual routine and just get out of the house. In this way, you are telling your dog that your time apart is no big deal.

  • Teach him to stay

Not many dog owners know this but the stay command can be beneficial in dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety. Teach him this command so he can get used to staying a few inches away from you. You can use this command to prevent your dog from ganging up on you while you are preparing for work or when you are heading out of the door.

  • Consider crate training

I know you would hate to put your dog in a crate but this is your last resort if he keeps on chewing and scratching on your furniture. To help ease your guilt, you can try leaving him with a few toys and treats inside the crate to keep him busy for a while.

Separation anxiety is not just stressful to the dog. It can affect the dog owner as well. Lucky for you, there are many ways on how you can treat the separation anxiety

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