Dog Potties in the House: Is My Male Shih Tzu Just Being a S***? – Dr. Sophia Yin

Dog Potties in the House: Is My Male Shih Tzu Just Being a S***? – Dr. Sophia Yin

By Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

R.I.P. 1966-2014

Reader Question:

We have 2 male Shih Tzus. One is 5 years (Kili), the other 4 years (Friend). Buddy will pee in your home even if we have actually just seen him peeing outdoors. He appears to do it due to the fact that he’s mad or lazy. Every carpet in my house has been ruined and a few of the antiques, likewise which he has peed on. He is extremely tricky about doing it within minutes after we have actually left a room. He has access to the outdoors at all times through a doggy door. I am at my wits end and ready to send him away. Do you have any valuable advice/tips? Thank you for your assistance.

Debbie Baxter

Roy, UT


While it’s true that some Shih Tzu can be sly, pets rarely have toilet accidents out of anger or even spite. The real factor for these irritating mishaps is that, like the young child who understands that doing # 1 in the toilet is really great however still needs to wear diapers, the dog doesn’t “get” that pottying must just occur in the favored potty spots.

Some owners attempt to communicate this message by reprimanding their dog when they catch him in the act. For a handful of pet dogs this works, however for numerous dogs it teaches them to avoid pottying in their owner’s sight. To put it simply, they learn to sneak an indoor potty break behind their owner’s back. Other owners attempt a more comprehensive technique. If they just see a puddle of piddle, they drag their pooch over to let him know the wet area is bad. Once again, some pets may find out that urinating in the house is “wrong”. Others learn that accidents of any kind, no matter which family bowser is to blame, make people mad. Even even worse, lots of pets simply learn that their owners randomly go wacko.

So, how do you train your dog that the toilet is outside only and that you desire the within to be bathroom totally free? You need to go back to the essentials. That implies taking him out at routine intervals throughout the day and waiting till he does # 1 and # 2. Only then can he play and connect with you. Next, when he’s within, he should have no possibility to have an accident. That suggests he’s connected to you by leash at all times or in a comfortable crate.

Just like the child who all of a sudden needs to go potty every time he enters into the cars and truck, or the adult professional athlete who frequently needs a restroom break in the bushes even on brief runs, the solution is to break the old practice and form a new one. That implies you have to maintain the new strategy of pottying in preferred areas enjoyable and pottying in other areas, difficult until you have 1 month directly without an accident. To make the message clearer that your house is a toilet-free zone, you’ll likewise need to clean up the carpets and other accident-prone areas. Use a specialized urine-killing carpet cleaner to dissolve the tips of the past. By putting these methods together and pushing through with the strategy, in about a month, both you and your Buddy will be better and your antique runs will remain clean.

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