If you want to bring your dog home to a new home, consider an Afador. This breed is very intelligent and has been bred to be a hunting dog. They can be a quick learner and are highly loyal. They are also good with children. They don’t bite, but they should never be around young children. Bathing is extremely important for your Afador. They need at least one bath per two weeks and should be done on a schedule that works for you. The average dog needs a bath every four to six weeks, which can help them stay healthy.

A bath is an excellent time to check for hair irregularities and ensure your dog gets the right amount of exercise. It is also a great time to socialize your Afador with other dogs, as they love to see other dogs and humans.

As with all dogs, socialization is crucial for your Afador. As with any breed, socialization and training are vitally important. Start socializing early by setting up a situation with visitors. Have visitors sit or stay at the door and give them a firm handshake.

If you’re hosting a party, your Afador might chase a squirrel in the park. Another good activity for your Afador is running with you. You can try walking alongside your dog to keep it busy while you’re out. The Afador is a hybrid dog composed of an Afghan Hound and a Labrador Retriever, which was first discovered in Alaska in the year 2000.

It’s still a rare breed, and breeders are working towards stabilizing the appearance and personality of the breed. The body shape is much similar to its Labrador Retriever while the head looks like the Afghan Hound’s.


Other Names: Afghan Lab, Afghan Hound / Labrador Retriever Mixed Breed

It is important to note that the Afador does not have the characteristics of a purebred dog. It is an interbreeding with two breeds: the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever. The best method of determining the nature of a mixed breed is to search for the breeds that are crossbred and be sure you’ll get any combination of the traits found in any breed. There are a few exceptions to this. Not all hybrid breeds are purebred or 50 percent purebred. It is commonplace for breeders to crossbreed crossbreeds that have multiple generations.

Possible Registries 
DBR = Designer Breed Registry
DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
CKC= Continental Kennel Club
ACA= American Canine Association


Afador Dog



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