2 New Doggy Additions To The Family! (Pets of Sean Quinn) Staff / Shih Tzu Mixes – Luna & Layla – The SQ Post

2 New Doggy Additions To The Family! (Pets of Sean Quinn) Staff / Shih Tzu Mixes – Luna & Layla – The SQ Post

So we have two new little additions to the family household called Luna and Layla. They are both half Staff and half Shih Tzu mix puppies. They are currently 10 weeks old and doing great.

This is post i will share some really cute photos and videos of both of the new puppy dogs and also let you know some more about them.

Luna & Layla

We got these two little bundles of joy just over a week ago when they were roughly 8 weeks old. They are not aloud to leave the house yet as they have not had their full vaccinations, but soon they will be able to get out and explore the world. I will make a further 2 posts here on the SQ Post in the near future, one being only about Luna, and the other about Layla, but this post will be about both of them together and in general.

Luna is the pup with the white markings on her face, head, back of her neck and on her tail, she is the one on the left of the above photo.  Layla is the puppy with full brown coat and little bits of white on her paws and neck.

This is two videos that were recorded when me and my son was visiting the pups a few weeks before we got them. You an also see in one of the videos a third pup, which someone else took.

Mum & Dad

As i have mentioned, Luna and Layla are a mix of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, their Dad, and Shih Tzu, their Mum. These two dogs belong to my friend’s girlfriend and you can see them below in the photo..

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